Designers to show their latest collections at the second Oxford Fashion Week of 2014

Kigali Fashion Week 2014 Kicks Off Today

The fourth edition of the annual Kigali Fashion Week starts today with 15 fashion houses expected to showcase their collections on the runway.

The venue for the first of the many events will be the Special Needs Children’s Home in Nyamirambo.

Guests will take part in informal modeling workshops as well as photo shoots in different locations around Kigali from new and top fashion designers.

On November 5, different fashion designers will converge at Grand Legacy Hotel in Remera where they will showcase the activities and products ahead of the main ceremony on November 7, which will be held at the Kigali City Tower rooftop.

The weeklong event has been boosted by news that Rwanda had been picked to sit at the Commonwealth Fashion Council in London.

The Minister for Sports and Culture, Joseph Habineza, made the announcement at a news conference to launch the Kigali Fashion Week 2014.

“The appointment of Rwanda to sit on the Commonwealth Fashion Council is a big step towards promoting the country through fashion and culture,” Habineza said.

He said that during his tenure as Rwanda’s ambassador to Nigeria, he noticed that Rwanda was the only country not represented during the 2013 Nigeria Fashion Week, a major fashion event which brings together fashion designers from across the continent and beyond.

He said events such as Kigali Fashion Week and Rwanda’s growing role in international fashion through the Commonwealth were a sign that the country was making strides in the fashion industry.

The CEO of House of Fashion and Kigali Fashion Week, John Bunyeshuli, said the theme for this year’s KFW will be “Disability is not Inability” in a bid to create awareness on intellectual disability in Rwanda.

“This year the event is expected to be bigger and better after we attracted quite a number of partners. We are even more excited after being appointed to sit at the Commonwealth Fashion Council in London.”

Bunyeshuli said: “Kigali Fashion Week and House of Fashion are dedicated to assisting in the development of local fashion economy through skills and resources needed to start sustainable businesses in the industry.”

Their partners include LDJ Productions, Kenya Airways, KLM, Nakumatt Holdings, Executive Carwash, Kampinski des Mille Collines, Karisimbi Restaurant, Hoza Communications, Kigali City Towers, Century Cinema, Ozone Lounge, Fine Wine, TV10, Merez Petrol Station, and the Association of Kenyans living in Rwanda.

LDJ Productions, a New York based event company, are the main organisers of KFW. Entrance fee for the grand finale will be Rwf12, 000 for singles and Rwf20, 000 for couples.

The weeklong event will also include workshops at Mount Kenya University and University of Kigali.

Designers from Kenya, Burundi and Uganda are expected to take part, while Rwanda will be represented by 12 designers, including Patrick Muhire of Inkanda House, Colombe Ituze, Kevine & Ysolde of Uzuri K&Y, and Teta Isibo of Inzuki Designs.Read more here:MarieProm Prom Dresses | MarieProm formal dresses

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Designers to show their latest collections at the second Oxford Fashion Week of 2014